indian college students earn online

In India college students often feel the urge to make some extra money to help support their lifestyle. Not everyone has got a rich dad or so. In cases, some students do not have any other options without putting effort to earn some money either by private tutoring or by taking up some kind of part time offline jobs. Some of the students try to make some to make their life better inside the college campus. However, earning extra money by ethical ways should not hurt anyone. But one thing should be kept in mind that your studies should no way get affected by your part time online endeavor.

Surefire ways for College Students to Earn Money online in India

Let’s not talk about how you have been misguided or cheated by some online scams in the past because that’s not gonna help much. We will discuss about what an Indian  college student can do to earn real money online even without any out of pocket investment. The very first thing is to believe, that it is possible to earn cash online. If you do not believe, there is no point in reading further or even thinking of working online.

indian college students earn online

Just to encourage you guys, countless Indian college or university  students are making big money online by part time or full time involvement. The money they are making is pretty huge and way more than what a normal JOB could ever contribute. Enough said. Let’s now jump right in to the topic.

As we have already explained the genuine ways to work from home online doesn’t get changed for college students or anyone else. But as you are a college student, you will most likely have issues in working online money making opportunities where investing money is necessary. But trust me, it takes less time of you, if you go for premium ways. However, we would primarily focus on without investment ways.

1. Writing and Earning:

Writing and earning online is a huge topic. But we would try to get objective as much as we can. In online marketing, content is a must for websites, blogs or for other web properties. Topic of the content can be anything that people search online. Either students can sign up to AdSense revenue sharing sites or set up their own publishing platforms, preferably a blog and start writing useful stuff followed by signing up with Google AdSense and get paid for the positive efforts. There are countless AdSense alternatives for you if you can not get into AdSense program by the way.

2. Working With FaceBook and CPA affiliate  offers

Who does not have a Facebook account? Especially every college student of India has got a Facebook account, they spend time on it exclusively for fun and for getting in touch with friends. But little do they know about how this platform can be used to make solid money online. All you have to do is create a fan page on a demanding topic and grow the fan page by getting likes and shares. After the fan page is of a reasonable fan-base, CPA or Cost Per Action or Cost Per Lead offers can easily be promoted by updating the fan page status to reach audience. If the offers convert, you will make money. The same thing can be done using YouTube and CPA.  You can join either Indian CPA networks like Vcommision,  or international ones. AdScend Media , are the ones where you could easily sign up and start working right away .You need a better understanding of CPA as well. Learn to use Google if you want to learn about something. You must keep it in mind that online money making is purely a knowledge driven business. You will have to keep yourself updated about recent developments all the time. If you hide behind the rock, things might not work for you.

3. Providing small gigs at Fiverr.Com

At this point of time, working in a conventional freelance site is not recommended because, it’s way tougher to get jobs even if you join freelance networks like Elance, Guru, freelancer etc  for providing various services. Instead, you can sign up to Fiverr.Com and create a appealing gig for $5. If it works out you could make lot of dollars from Fiverr.Com. For your information, you will get to see lot of Indians that are working with Fiverr and silently making huge amounts

4.Learn SEO and provide services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Using SEO, websites can be ranked in Google for their keywords. Learning SEO is pretty easy because there are countless resources available online for learning SEO. If you can master SEO you can either provide services to local or international clients  or you can start applying your SEO knowledge to your own sites/blogs.

Wish you all the best if you are thinking of doing something online to earn money while studying in college. If you have any related question or opinion, please drop that in the comment.

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