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Data Entry Jobs in India or Scams. It’s all about bad people who want to snatch your hard earned money by fishy methods. We internet markets know that pure beginners do not know much about the real scenario of the internet marketplace and can easily be cheated if certain tricks are played. A dishonest people is a dishonest one regardless what  he does or where does he stay. He would be doing unethical stuffs in every sphere of the life. He doesn’t mind looting money from a poor man/woman who wants to make a living by doing something online.

So what is the hard reality in Indian Data Entry Jobs?

In order to understand the hard reality of data entry jobs in India, you must be knowing what are the different data entry jobs?  Even though people normally think that data entry jobs are all about mindless typing. Friends, you are wrong there. Data entry jobs cover a wide array of works. And at times it requires prior experience. However, let us outline different real data entry jobs that exists in the planet earth.

  1. Normal typing jobs
  2. Form filling jobs
  3. Captcha entry jobs
  4. medical transcription
  5. image to text or excel or any data conversion jobs
  6. PDF to excel
  7. PDF to word
  8. Audio to text conversion
  9. Proof reading
  10. Photo selection and organization
  11. Copy paste from excel to form
  12. HTML to excel and word etc

So, as can be seen from the above list most of the data entry jobs are doable even by pure beginners irrespective of  online or offline data entry jobs. But the main problem is, nobody gives you real jobs. Those who get it are data entry firms with their own offices. They take online as well as offline data entry jobs from different individuals especially companies and get the job done by their stuffs. Such companies exist and they are doing good without cheating anyone. For example, DataEntryIndia.Com is an organization which take various data entry jobs from various corporate sectors and execute the work by their office stuff. They get the payment for their work in time. But notice the company DataEntryIndia.Com is not offering any data entry jobs to outsiders because they do not need to. Because they have trained stuff to get all the works done in a time bound manner.

data entry jobs india

On the contrary when a so called indian company is offering online data entry jobs and asking for a registration fee, you should avoid that like plague. That company is run by frauds and their only job is to make you pay for the registration fee. And they are done. They simply forget you after you pay for the registration fee.

Where do you get home based data entry jobs?

Some freelance sites are there where small companies and individuals post their data entry jobs. Like Freelancer.ComMTurk or Fiverr.Com where you need to sign up as a freelancer/service provider and try to get the work. We will be sharing tips on how to really get the work and earn your own money. No investment or any fishy registration fee is at all needed because you will get paid for the positive effort you put in.

What you can do instead?

Data entry is a field where scammers are making real profit. Our political environment and administration is in such a position that it doesn’t want to eradicate this kind of cyber crimes. Everyone wants just their cut. Nothing to really do with apart from educating yourself about where to give your money. So, instead of walking into this scam zone you could try various affiliate marketing opportunities instead. Or you may try to start a useful blog/website and make money from it using Google AdSense and other good networks. In the beginning it may seem very daunting to start a blog from the scratch but if you can effective use the free resources available on the web especially Google search and Youtube and take action accordingly, no one can restrict you.

In the conclusion, i would suggest you to think twice before giving money to any data entry providers because you don’t need to. Take your own decision and do something good which would get you real money.


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