So you are an Indian and badly searching for genuine sites to earn money online in India. When we started the journey with digital marketing we too searched Google just like you are doing today. We too have been cheated by some up our Indian counterparts who didn’t mind be-fooling us. But as you know that a winner never quits, what we did is, we tried finding the truth, we tried to explore the real money making sites where nobody is asking for any money unreasonably. But you know what friend, it took a long time because almost everyone was faking it. Now the time has changed. You have so many valuable information around you. You just have to find the right info and get it in your head before implementation.

However, we found out the genuine sites to earn money online in India and making money online since then sitting right here in India. Not only are we going to tell you only the genuine money earning sites without any investment but we will also share the tactics that you need to make it work for you. Stay tuned.

One very important thing to know is, after you are given a list of genuine sites to earn online in India, what kind of actions would you take to make your dream come true? Please understand, that like offline marketplace, no one is actually giving away any money for free. Unless you perform an action which help others make money directly or indirectly you will never make money online. You must know who is actually giving you the money and if you can help that person to make more money, then and only then they will pay you. This is how it works. No free money is available.

Another very important thing to know for you is do you have the patience to learn new things to be successful in making money online? If you don’t have it, develop it. And if you believe that you have it, then you are good to go.

Enough of an introduction. Now let’s get down to the details of what are the genuine sites to earn money online in India.

Indian Online Shopping Portals


Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra etc are the major  online shopping portals in India. People of India from every corner are buying various products from these shopping carts  like never before. Lot of money is being transacted every single day. You can be a part of this game by being an affiliate of this online shopping portals. When you become an affiliate, you will be given an affiliate dashboard. Inside the affiliate dashbord, you will be able to promote any products through an unique link. If somebody purchases, you will get a commission in your account without any fail. You can join Indian affilaite networks as well because almost every Indian shopping portals are associated with them. So if you can sign up with an afffiliate network like, you could promote array of products and make commissions.

Being an affiliate doesn’t cost you anything. It’s a genuine site for you to earn money online in india.

Google AdSense


Almost everyone knows about it. But most of them do not understand, how AdSense work and how it can be used as a passive income resource. Beginner, who aspire to make money online through Google AdSense, think that any website pasted with AdSense makes a lot of money. They try to do it, make almost nothing and blame it. So getting yourself educated about how AdSense works is the first step. Then implementing things that you have learnt should be the next step. Google AdSense is a genukine site to make money online in India.


genuine site is a micro job site where lot of Indians are providing services. Generally in Fiverr.Com every services costs $5. But the price could be anything starting from five dollar. Go join and start selling your gigs. Make a ton of money.


clickbank is a common platform for Affiliates and product merchants. It is an international affiliate network. Signing up with them is easy. Exclusive tutorials are there for you to learn how to earn money from this genuine site sitting here in India. Learn the tactics. Find the right mix of tactics that work for you and jump right in.


Pay per download or PPD sites can be a genuine site for those who love promoting CPA offers through incentives. One of the most popular PPD site is Cleanfiles


worknhire is an Indian freelance site where you can sign up as a freelancer and start providing services as per your expertise and make good money from this genuine site. You can provide various services ranging from website design, development, iphone development, apps development, Internet marketing services etc. So before you jump right in to any freelance sites to make money, ask yourself what do you know that can be sold to others. If you don’t have any expertise right now, don’t join any network because you will be frustrated. But if you can do a certain job that people need to get done, you will never run out of task  followed by money.

We could go on and on like this with overwhelming list of genuine sites that allow you to earn money online in India without any investment whatsoever. In internet marketing world, it’s not only about knowing. It’s mostly all about doing. If you take actions, you would surely find a right mix of techniques that work for you. Cheers.

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