Google the brand

Here in this tutorial we are going to be discussing how to earn money online in India exclusively  from Google. There are literally countless ways where Google can be used for earning money online sitting here in India or wherever. This post does not discusses any “view ads and earn money” or “playing games and earn money” or “PTC opportunities like Neobux” etc. Because this is a pretty serious post. If you understand and go ahead, lot of money is waiting for you. This can be practiced by any college students of India as well because this is like doing a part time online Job as and when you want.   Let’s get back to the meat of the tutorial now.


Earning money from Google can be interpreted differently.

Out of which following are the major  options

  1. Work for Google online
  2. Work with Google AdSense
  3.  Work with Google AdWords
  4. Using Google as a Search Engine for Online Promotion
  5. Using  Google’s hosted networks like Youtube, Blogger, Google sites etc.
  6. Selling Your books in Google play books
  7. selling your Apps in Google play store
  8. Selling your browser extension in chrome.

Google the brand

Now, to clearly understand how money can be earned online from Google, many facets of internet marketing have to be understood. Google is an internet giant and it allows common people to make use of their highly sophisticated online money making platforms which includes their own benefit. S let us discuss one by one.

  1. Work Online For Google

Everyone knows what it takes to get a job in Google. Until and unless someone is blessed with super intelligence, getting selected in Google (offline) is next to impossible. But there is a good news. Since its inception, Google search engine has grown like anything. New new search terms are getting introduced every single day. At the other hand, web spammers are trying to exploit the loopholes at Google search algorithm.

This is why Google decided to recruit human beings for evaluation of search engine result pages (SERP) so that quality can be ensured to users.

Just because it is Google online Job, doesn’t mean getting selected at it is fairly easy. It takes a lot of search engine and related knowledge to pass the interview. However, following is the link to apply

So until and unless you are ready to work with Google, there is no point applying.

2.  Work With Google AdSense

We already have a complete tutorial on Google AdSense. So instead of rehashing the same thing , directing you to the existing resource is better in my opinion. Click here to know how to make lot of money using Google AdSense.

3. Work With Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a famous product of Google. It’s basically a paid advertising network of Google which is the main source of income for Google. Google AdWords can be used as a tool for advertising in Google Search results for any keywords or group of keywords. If the ad is properly monetized, then sales will be made. Sales revenue minus the cost of advertising at Google AdWords will e the profit. Lot of people/company use AdWords for their PPC needs.

Even if someone doesn’t have a product/service on his own, he could promote other people’s product using affiliate networks.

4. Using Google as a promotional platform for FREE

While using Google AdWords is similar to using google search as a promotional platform but it is not FREE. You will have to pay for every click your ads get. But we will be talking about organic listing of Google where no money needs to be paid in order to appear in the search results. That is done by a process called Search Engine Optimization. You can sell Search engine Optimization services to local/global businesses by establishing yourself as an SEO expert. being an SEO expert is easy if you have a good learning curve. Use Web resources to master SEO.

5.  Using Google’s hosted networks

Google has got it’s hosted networks like Blogger.Com, Youtube.Com etc. Where you could promote your own product or service as well as promote other peoples product/service and make commissions. You could is your AdSense ads in this networks to make money as well.

So earning money online in India from Google has got multi dimensions. But if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you learn about SEO or search engine optimization and start working with AdSense because it is beginner friendly and can be done with absolutely no investment or a very little.


6. Selling Your books in Google play books

Most of you already know that you can use Google play bookstore as a selling platform. becoming famous writing your book is on you.

7. selling your Apps in Google play store

This is huge. if you into app developments, getting listed in Google play store and selling your apps that serve various purposes can make you rich.

8. Selling your browser extension in chrome.

Developing and marketing Chrome browser extensions can be a clever way of making money from Google in India or any part of the world.



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