earn money in india without investment

Who doesn’t want to earn money online without investment? Be it India or someplace else, desire to get free stuffs is an inherent quality of human beings. So no one to be blamed for asking things for free.  In all probability, you have heard the saying that  ” It takes money to make money”. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you must be spending money from the day one in order to make money irrespective of whether it is offline or online. But then again, there is a catch. It needs your most valuable thing i.e TIME, steep learning curve  and concise effort to make money online regardless you are doing it with or without investment. It is also true that when you invest the money back that you earn without investment,  you will be earning much faster. If you are truly fired with passion and iron determined to make it happen and follow the right strategies, nothing can prevent you from achieving the success you dream of.

Prerequisites For getting started in earning money online without investment in India:

You have a laptop or computer connected to internet. Try to get a faster internet connection because it will help you work faster and save time.

You are willing to spend time which is no less than spending money.

You are willing to learn the things  you need for your own online success. Don’t expect that somebody will tell you everything in an organized manner. You have to get things together for your own interest. Mind you..

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

How much money can you make by FREE Ways?

The amount of money that you can make depends on your activities. It depends on what you do and how you do it. Winners do not do different things they do it differently from the masses and that’s why they are winners. You should also keep in mind that . As long as you are doing things without any investment, your earning potential will be limited. But you can earn lakhs using the tutorial below if you get your acts together. Just by doing Affiliate marketing and AdSense you can even outperform those who spend money to make money. Trust me and read on.

Now let’s get into the topic.

how to earn money online from home without investment?

Here are the genuine and absolutely free ways to get started in earning money online in India. You can treat these online opportunities as part time online jobs or full time if you are still unemployed. If you are doing a day job, you can work in part time basis from home.

earn money in india without investment
Affiliate marketing in India using free resources

As you would like to do it completely without investment. You will have to use free resources that are available. The truth is, signing up for for almost all the genuine money making networks is absolutely free. They will never ask you any money whatsoever for joining. Neither do they charge you later when you earn money using their network. But they would take a commission on your earnings. That’s it. If you directly join as an affiliate for selling a product, you won’t have to even sacrifice the commission. All that you earn is yours. We will now talk about some online money earning sites without investment in India.

Let’s get to the point. What is actually affiliate marketing

Let’s make you understand by an example. You all have heard about flipkart. Chances are you regularly buy various stuff from this online shopping cart of India. If you help Flipkart to sell its products, Flpikart will will give you a commission. In this case, you are an affiliate of Flipkart. Let me make it even more clear.

flipkart affiliate program india

You can join as a FlipKart affiliate here. As you know it has got array of products to be sold, all you have to do is promote the products in right place, so that it gets sold. For every product you would like to promote, you will be given an affiliate link. When people go to flipkart through your affiliate link and buy the products you will be earning commissions. You can even earn commissions for promoting their application. Every installation that happen through your affiliate link, you will make money. Click here to know the commission structure that Flipkart provides.

Hope, you have understood the concept. If you help sell products as an affiliate, you will be earning money totally without investment. And the good news for you is, it’s not only flipkart that has affiliate program. Starting from Amazon.In, Jabong.Com, Myntra.Com, Snapdeal etc also have their affiliate programs. Now the bigger question is how to promote the products so that it gets sold.

Product Promotional Strategies without investment:

This is where newbie affiliates face the most challenge. They become an affiliate. But totally clueless about how to promote. All they do is share the affiliate links in their Facebook status update. It may be possible to get sales that way but it’s not that effective. To effectively promote products for free, you are to learn the best free promotional online strategy, that is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You will have to take advantage of YouTube Videos. You have to rip the benefits of Facebook fanpage. You will have to learn to use blogger.Com because it is a powerful free resource for creating blogs/web pages. You might feel like, you need actionable step by step plan to do things. But that would be like spoon feeding. Neither anybody likes to spoon feed nor should anybody allow that to happen to them.

Google AdSense using free resources

google adsense for earning online in india

It’s best contextual advertising network in the planet earth till date and highly recommended for beginners as well.  Concept is simple. Sign up for Google AdSense. Publish ads in your YouTube videos, blogs, websites if you have any. In fact you have to have one of them in order to get approved. Once the visitors click on the ads, you get paid by google. The reason I have listed it in the second position is, recently it’s pretty difficult to get into AdSense program with full approval at least for beginners. Even though it is totally without investment, Google wants their publisher to be qualified. You just can’t publish ads anywhere you like. The webpage has to be of certain quality. To ensure that compliance, Google wants you to apply for their program with a  professional blog/website having good content and all the required legal pages. Another negative thing is that in India Google wants the domain of the blog/website to be at least 6 months old. But you can get approved within even 2 months if you can come up with a attractive user friendly website which complies with their policy. Those who want to display ads only in YouTube, can upload a quality video and monetize the video by AdSense pretty easily. But the full approval comes with the above procedure. So if you are looking for ways to make make quick money in india, AdSense might not be your choice but once it starts generating money, you will be overwhelmed.

Providing your own services as a Freelancer

Fiverr for freelancing

If you have expertise in any profession, you can provide that service using online freelance networks as a freelancer without any long term commitment. Employers will hire you and pay you for the work you do. It’s not like a day job because you are allowed to work in your own time schedule. But in most cases there will be dead line for you to finish the work. Initially you might find it difficult to get works but if you follow the guidelines by the freelance network that you join, chances are you will start getting works with time. Odesk or upwork.com, Fiverr.Com which is a micro job platform, elance.com, freelancer.com, onlinejobs.com are some of the freelance networks that you can join and provide your services. Your area of expertise could be almost anything. It could be content writing, web designing, programming, Search Engine Optimization or almost anything. For the whole list of services that can be provided just search the categories of the freelance networks that you would like to join.

Learn to Earn from PTC Sites

PTC or Paid To Click opportunities for making money online without investment are there in huge numbers. Concept is, you join a PTC network, you will be given some ads to click and see for at least 30 seconds and then keep clicking on other ads. A very small amount as low as $0.001 will be deposited in your account for every ads that you click.  So it’s like “earn money online without investment by clicking ads”. Other than clicking ads, you can ask others to join the same network through a referral link for extra money. In fact if and only if,  you take advantage of the referral program you can make good money with PTC networks. Otherwise It’s a complete time waster as per our opinion. Here are networks that you can join and earn money in India without any investment. Neobux.Com, Clixsense .com etc.

Taking paid surveys and Form filling jobs

Taking paid surveys and earning money online in India without investment is tougher but not impossible. And again the money you would earn is pretty less than the above options. However, not everybody would like to go for challenging jobs rather they would like to do something very simple as filling up some forms and all. Those who really want to take genuine paid surveys and earn money in India, PaidSurveys.Co.in should be their one stop destination.

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