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Chances are, you already know about google AdSense program. Those who still do not know it but  want to get started in online money making, should immediately get to know about it in detail. Because it is highly recommended for beginners for its simplicity of the money making model. It’s an advertising network maintained by Google where website owners can participate and display advertisements in their websites. Website or blog owners get paid whenever the website or blog visitors click on the ads which are displayed in the blog/website. That’s how the program works.

It’s not necessary that a beginner in online marketing or one seeking genuine money making opportunity must be working with Google AdSense because there are literally countless ways, countless networks to work with. But AdSense has earned a name in the pay per click marketplace in the publisher’s mind. Recently, AdSense income has dropped for many people but, still the payout is significant. And as compared to other contextual advertising networks like Chitika, Adbrite, Adhitz, Infolinks etc, AdSense is way better so far the earnings are concerned.

adsense income screenshot

How to get into the AdSense program?

So far getting the full approval is concerned, it’s real tough to get at least for a beginner with no prior knowledge of creating a professional website/blog. But hosted account through YouTube could easily be achieved within a short span of time. The video to be uploaded should be of quality and worth giving it a watch. After uploading of a good quality video, go to monetize the video and apply for AdSense. You will have to fill up some of your details like Address and payee name etc. It’s likely that you would get approval within 1 hour.

What has recently changed about the approval procedure?

Earlier an AdSense publisher having a hosted account through YouTube could display the ads to any of the Google hosted platforms including Youtube. Hosted platforms are Blogspot blogs, Google sites etc. But lot of new publishers who got the approval through YouTube had abused the system by displaying ads in pretty low quality blogger blogs which Google didn’t take easily. And now the new rule is, if you get approval through YouTube, you are only eligible to show your Ads in YouTube. That’s it.

How to get the full AdSense approval?

Full approval lets you display ads anywhere you like. Any custom domain including any free platforms and google hosted sites. But getting fully approved takes a little more of your effort. You are to apply through a custom domain website or blog. Good content, Legal pages should be there before applying. In India, a blog or website has to be at least 6 months  old to apply for it. But it has been seen that even with=in 3-4 months many people have been able to get approval just because they created a attractive site.

Creating website for making money with Google AdSense

Keyword research

Keyword research is a very important part of making money online with Google AdSense. The main motive of keyword research is to get insights on home many times people search for a particular term and its related keywords, the cost per click, competition around the keyword and getting profitable keyword ideas to create website. In order to conduct keyword research, you need a tool for which Google AdWords keyword planner is the free and best option. You do not need to buy any premium keyword research tool for finding profitable keywords. Google created this tool for AdWord advertisers. But as AdSense users you can take due advantage of this nice piece of tool.

Domain registration

Chose a good domain name reseller. Godaddy is good. You could use namecheap as well. But before you buy your domain, you need to go through a checklist to ensure that you are not wasting your money.

Here is the checklist.

Hosting server

I use hostgator. They are pretty good. You can use as per your choice and budget. But Skimping on hosting is not a good idea because it can cause lot of problems.

Connecting the domain with hosting server

It’s one minute of work. You have to change the name servers after you login to your domain providers account and in the hosting account you either have to add your domain as addon domain or primary domain. Hosting support will help you in this regard.

Installation of WordPress

WordPress is a free software. Free and powerful. It is your content management system. It’s a great piece of free software. Inside your hosting control panel you will have options to install WordPress.

Creating Content

This is the most important part of the journey. You need to produce useful unique content for your target website users. You can’t just throw any garbage you want to. Just consider, this very article you are reading in. I have invested quite a lot of time to make it useful for you. Otherwise you would not have read it. Got my point? Also make sure that your content is free from spelling mistakes.

Creating legal pages

You need to have some legal pages in your website if you are willing to work with Google AdSense as per their policies. Privacy policy, Disclaimer, terms of services should be in this list. About and contact page must be created.

Promoting the content/Learning SEO

Using Google AdSense is critical so far driving traffic/visitor is concerned. You just can’t bring visitor from anywhere you like in a site where you use AdSense. If you do that, you will be shown a lot of love by AdSense followed by a ban. Unlike an affiliate site where you don’t need to worry about the source of traffic, in AdSense site your prime focus should be SEO traffic. SEO stands for search engine optimization. As long as google & YouTube exist, why do you worry that you do not know SEO? Learn it on your own. Don’t sit idle and expect to get spoon-fed.

Applying for AdSense:

Apply if and only if your site is compatible with the webmaster tools guidelines and you are getting some daily traffic. You can apply going to the official website.

Understanding AdSense In and Out

Once you are approved, you will get to work inside AdSense. You can subscribe to AdSense newsletter to keep yourself updated with the recent developments. You can join AdSense university if you want to go very advanced with AdSense.

Working inside the AdSense account

No dearth of tutorials in the internet. AdSense support forum has also got numerous guidelines.

Scaling up

If you learn to make money with Google AdSense, certainly you can scale it up upto your capacity. Content preparation and promoting the content are something which takes time and when you have several sites, you alone can not maintain all of those. Even if you do that, you can not enjoy the internet lifestyle as we call it. So you must be harnessing the power of delegation. You got to be the team leader and outsources the works that others can do. Spend some money on freelance service providers and may folds of what you spend. That’s how scaling up can be done.

Diversifying Strategy

There is a popular phrase ” Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. It’s a very valuable saying. The main problem with AdSense ids they have zero tolerance policy when it comes to banning your account. Even though it is not your mistake, you can still get banned for some reason. So you are gonna have to be very very careful while working with AdSense. And at the same time, you should be working to develop other online money making opportunities as well to save yourself from unwanted hazards.


I have written a complete step by step book for you to be successful with Google AdSense. This is a must have if you are serious about earning money online working from home. Contact me for the book.

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