So, you want to know about the genuine online money earning sites without investment in India. Well, your question will be answered in detail right here. The sites that will be shared, are 100% genuine. You do not at all need to pay any registration fees. So no fear of losing money because it’s completely without investment. Here you get kind of money making information that you generally do not get in other similar websites because most of them want to hide the real truth from you for their own benefit. You will understand the reason after you get to see the overall scenario of making money online in India. If you get access to the truth their income potential goes down. That’s how it works. In our case we do not mind sharing the right information because we see the even bigger picture. If you get helped by our information, you would support us all through your life. We understand.

Now let’s get into the topic. Here we are recommending the top list of genuine money making sites most of which are purely Indian. But we will also be listing websites which you can easily sign up and start making money being an Indian citizen. You can take your payment through different payment gateways like , Check, Paypal, Payoneer or direct bank transfer etc. So no worries at all. And let us remind you again that you simple do not need to cash out any money whatsoever for registration. So it’s absolutely without investment.


Top Online Money Earning Sites Without Investment in India


Like explained earlier, Flipkart is recruiting affiliates to help them sell more. In return affiliates would receive commissions. As you would all agree that almost all of us keep buying various stuffs from Flipkart, Amazon etc. You can get commissions if you can refer people through your flipkart affiliate link (Flipkart will give you the affiliate link after you join as an affiliate) and they buy something. To work with flipkart you do not need to pay a single rupee my friend.

Normally people create reviews about different flipkart products using YouTube videos and send the visitors through affiliate link. Lot of people create a coupon site and distribute flipkart coupons. If somebody uses the coupon the coupon distributor makes money as an affiliate. You can also do the same but to speak the truth, creating a coupon site and promoting it is utterly difficult because of the competition around it. But still you can do it.

You can apply for amazon affiliate as well but they wouldn’t approve unless you have a decent site to show. If you can create a coupon site, most certainly you will get approved.

Affiliate networks

If you join our Indian affiliate networks, you can promote different products from different company all in one roof. Here are the networks that you can consider joining as online money earning sites. No investment required. Just work from home and get paid.



Network Play


Just google search the above names, you will find the official websites.

CPA affiliate networks

CPA affiliate networks are a bit harder to get into. But it’s doable after you gain some experience in online marketing and get to show a website which could help them. Here are the genuine Indian cpa networks that you can consider joining.




Many of us still are not aware that face can be used as an online money earning site in India. The easiest way is to creating facebook fanpages, getting real likes by sharing good content and promoting CPA or other offers.

Google AdSense

Chances are you have already heard about Google AdSense. We will discuss Google AdSense in a different tutorial. It’s a legit network that really pays. You need a decent website to get approved to the network and start earning money here in India.

Clickbank : Genuine Money Earning site in India without Investment is a #1 digital product affiliate network of the world. So it doesn’t really matter from where you are working. You can easily sign up without any fees and get started in a minute. You will get millions of tutorial using Google and Youtube about how to be successful affiliate at But in brief what i can share is promote a product from marketplace which is having a decent gravity and a product which would help the buyers.


Shareasale is an affiliate network where you can promote other people’s products and get commission.

Pay Per Download Networks

Lot of beginners get online success with Pay per download or PPD network. The concept is simple. You have to upload something which people want to download. Now the PPD network will help you monetize the download by some offers. That means users who want to download the file that you have uploaded, will have to complete an offer in order to download the file. If you are dishonest, you may fake the download too. But that is not recommended. Sharecash and Cleanfiles are the best PPD networks in the world. So you have all the options to earn online in india without investment


Chances are, you have already heard about and know that you can provide a small service for $5. But for your information fiverr is not only about a tiny  $5. You can charge any amount with their newly developed system.

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  1. Hey, regarding affiliate marketing – are there any ideas about improving conversions on a varied site? I have a image sharing site and as such it’s extremely to match offers to the visitor. Best wishes

    1. Improving conversions which is also called CRO or conversion rate optimization takes a lot of understanding about how a sales funnel works. You could refer to for better guidance on this.

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