As you already aware that in today’s Internet marketing landscape SEO is a great way to get FREE traffic from search engines to your websites or blogs. At the same time it’s equally important that you should have an effective SEO software to quickly and precisely analyze your competitors and outranking them in the process.

There is no dearth of SEO software in the marketplace but truly speaking very few of them live up to the expectation. SEO Power Suite is kind of an SEO software package which is really effective in the all the spheres of white-hat SEO  and very much user friendly. And the amazing part is that you get to use the software completely free along with all it’s updates. But you get some important features a bit limited which is available only for premium users. But truly speaking SEO software like SEO Power suite is a must have for blogger and webmasters who aim to get lot of search engine traffic. It has got four Modules and every one of them are amazing.

A. Link Assistant

B. Rank Tracker

C. SEO Spyglass

D. Website Auditor

Link Assistant

As far building or attracting reciprocal links is concerned LINK Assistant of SEO Power-suite leaves no stones unturned. Finding them quickly, requesting them by sending emails, following them up  etc becomes as easy as anything. It considerably minimizes the time you need to pend for managing link partners. I would say it’s an awesome application for link builders or webmasters. Below screenshots is just the beginning interface of Link Assistant. Go here and check out the video to learn how exactly it works.

Rank Tracker:

We  all know that link monitoring is an important part of web-mastering. Rank tracker helps you determine the rank of your own webpages or blog posts for their targeted keywords on different search engines. You get to very specific in finding the rank of your webpages in a specific demography with just a few clicks.

SEO Spyglass

SEO spyglass is a tool I like most in SEO Power suite. You can check your competitor’s backlinks and analyze those backlinks to find the better links without the knowledge of your competitors. That means your competitor who is presently outranking you is a great source for you to find sites for potential link resource. It also gives you an option to find sites of your interest as link building resource for your targeted keywords. If you have SEO spyglass like software in your hand you would surely love your competitors just for the reason that they have already done the work for you as long as exploring the effective link building resource is concerned. You get options to check the SEO metrics like PR, Anchor text, no of outbound links from that page, domain PR etc to judge the value of the page and to decide whether to go for trying to build a link from the same page for your own site.

Lot of SEO software ask for money for what SEO spyglass gives for FREE.

As you can see in the pop up that you get options to check different SEO metric of the displayed backlinks page.  And you can directly go the link page by clicking the link given at the end of the links. What more do you want? You get to analyze competitor backlinks in a large scale and get to save the report in excel sheets if you become a premium member. But the available free features are outstanding.

Website Auditor

It’s another great module of SEO power suite. In order to create search engine friendly web pages, we need to follow a certain guidelines though they are never disclosed by search engine companies. But these factors are proven to work if correctly optimized. To take care of onsite optimization and other important SEO metrics responsible for building quality websites website auditor is one of the best SEO application available today. Click here to learn more and check out the video to see the application in function. I completely checks up the heath of a website in light of the modern search engine algorithms.

In conclusion I must say that SEO powersuite is such a combination of SEO application software, SEOs and Webmasters must have it installed. Download it for FREE.

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