Congratulations on reaching to the right place to earn money online here in India. Unlike so many other fake and fraud sites we are not here to cheat you by any way. We will be sharing impeccable and genuine ways to earn money from the internet using your part time or full time.

We have been able to help a lot of newcomers succeed in their online journey by directing them to the right path of making money online in India. It should be informed that online money making procedures do not vary much from country to country but certain money making networks and resources behave differently for different audience. Our guidelines and approaches are exclusively customized for Indian aspirants only.

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Q No 1: Is it tough to make money online?

It’s a good question to be asked. It’s even better that you didn’t ask whether it is at all possible to earn money online. Sure , it’s possible otherwise billions of website wouldn’t have been there. So far the toughness of online money making is concerned, it’s specific to exactly what you do online for making money. Some jobs are quite simple and easy whereas some procedures are quite complex when you are just starting out but with time you could learn the complexities.

Q No 2: Do I need to be highly qualified to do this?

Qualification helps all the time. But you have a strong learning curve and desire to succeed you would surely go a long way. It is expected that you should be having basic knowledge of English language. If you are getting to understand whatever we are saying, you are over qualified. As our focus is on Indian audience, we must tell you that even if your English is not that good, you could use HINDI instead. We will be discussing that later in detail.

Q No 3: Can I make money online without any investment?

This question remains ever green specifically for online money making aspirants in India. Let us tell you that “YES” you can earn money without any investment. But it is presumed that you have a computer and an internet connection with it. This topic needs exclusive discussions. Here are the details.

Q No 4: Can I do it in a part time job basis?

100%. In fact this is the beauty of working online. You get to enjoy a lot of freedom so far your work schedule is concerned.

Q No 5: How many hours need to be put daily?

It depends actually. In the beginning it is expected from you that you put much of time in learning what to do and set up your money making system. Once your system is set up, you could accomplish your work in much shorter time. If you are doing a day job, then 2-3 hours a day is expected in the beginning. If you are willing to work full time why not consider it like a day job? But yes you have all the freedom to set your own work hours.
How much can I earn?
Again it depends on the type of online work you would be doing. If you go the profitable ways, you would make more. On the contrary if you don’t take wise decision, you would make less. You might end up making nothing at all if you don’t follow the strategies. But don’t worry we do not hide anything. We will be helping you to take right decisions and make the most out of your online effort. it has been found that easy jobs get you less and jobs that needs concise effort makes you more.

Q No 6: Can i make more than my day job?

Yes and a No. If you pick up quickly and do right stuffs, there is no reason that you can’t be making more than that of your DAY Job. It’s all performance based. No limit on the money you earn. It might take significant time to surpass your day job income.

Q No 7:How can I do it?

This is the most important question of all. But the question is pretty subjective because it’s not like there is only one particular way to make money. Literally there are countless ways to do it. So for every method, objective actionable approach is needed. And again the same money making model can be executed by different approaches. Be it it with or without investment, you need to learn the procedures and execute accordingly. In making money online, if you invest money your success is not ensured and at the same time you could make a lot of money even if you do it without investment.

Worldwide a significant number of people look for genuine and legitimate ways to make money online using internet. And the truth is they either end up getting cheated by fraudsters or simply make no money online even after spending a significant time doing worthless stuff. Again the truth is, very few marketers want you to know the methods to make real money online and majority of them do not tell you the full story just to capitalize on your initial internet marketing ignorance. In our long 8 years of successful online career, we got to listen to many voices who look for reliable ways to earn some extra bucks or to build a legitimate online business of their own but unfortunately fraud artists took undue advantage out of them.

So you are the only one, who needs to take decision like an expert to judge between fake and real. Now the question comes whether it is at all possible to make money online or are they all scam? Trust us, It’s 100% possible to do so. And at times you will find it’s also possible to earn money online with no investment whatsoever if you exclude the investment on your computer, internet connection and of course the time you put in. In fact most of the ways to make money online are free and do not really require any out of pocket investment. But you might require to put in money to make the system work faster and with its full potential. Don’t you forget money makes even more money.

There might be plethora of valid reasons why you want to go for a certain way of earning money on internet and make a legitimate home based business off of it. But one thing should be kept in mind from the very beginning that making money is never easy, be it offline be it online. If you are chasing after any get-rich-quick scheme then please go get lottery tickets or start an MLM biz at earlier stage or try becoming an online fraud-artist. But if you are looking forward to build an online business which would bring you a good return of your time/money spent, we appreciate and encourage you to be with us for cutting edge step by step tutorials and guidelines.

There are countless opportunities to carry out jobs online be it part time or full time. Whichever direction you go training/educating yourself is an absolute must. Without proper knowledge chances are you will get disheartened by losing invaluable time and hard earned money of yours. Let us make it clear that we are not here to sell you any sort crap.On the contrary We want to show you the real path to reach your destiny in a short span of time. You can start doing online jobs without investment too. Beginners often get involved in different types of unproductive & equally boring online activities, because they do not visualize the real internet market scenario and the genuine ways to make cold hard cash .

Before you know what to do, be warned about what not to do.

Do not pay for any packages which tell you about how to make money online. Because almost all those information are available for free on web. You just have to search it right and organize.Do not spend your invaluable times in reading unwanted emails, filling up forms and fake data entry jobs just to make pennies or nothing at all in most cases.Do not listen to one who just talks the talk and doesn’t really understand the subject.

As we have already stated that there are countless money making opportunity out there in the world wide web, you have to choose according to your suitability and the financial qualification you have. Now let us tell you about the major ways and how to make money online by following those ways.

A. Selling your own product
B. Selling other people’s product or affiliate marketing in General
C. Publishing Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
D. Online Freelancing
E. Paid Reviews
F. Paid Surveys
G. Multi Level Marketing
H. Domain Flipping
I. Online Trading
J. Paid to Click (PTC)

Now let us elaborate the points to make you understand what is what.

A. Selling your own product:

Common sense tells you that to sell your own product, you need to have one of your own. And you should be attempting to sell products which sells. If you do not have any product you can make one with your research and make the sale online. As there are countless ways to sell your product online and those technique varies depending upon the type of product or service one likes to sell, we would discuss it later. Taking advantage of Ebay, ClickBank, Your own site, SEO and PPC are the best ways to sell your product/service.

B. Selling other People’s product: Affiliate Marketing in India

If you do not have your own product and you still want to sell products then affiliate marketing is for you. Here you would be the Affiliate and the owner of the product is Merchant. If you be able to make a sale then Merchant offers you a big fat commission for every sale and that is up to 75% of the price of the product. Sounds exciting huh!

Becoming an affiliate is some clicks away. But selling or pre-selling the product online is where exactly the challenge is. Educate yourself regarding affiliate marketing and make the sale. There are ways of conducting affiliate marketing. Join Clickbank.Com and start promoting the products available at its marketplace. You will get lot of free online guides regarding promotion of Clickbank products.

In affiliate marketing it’s not like you always have to sell, you can get paid just for referring interested people to CPA offers also.CPA marketing is such a huge opportunity for internet marketers that it needs separate tutorials to make you understand about it.

So far India is concerned, affiliate marketing is on the rise. Our famous shopping carts like FlipKart.Com, Jabong.Com, etc are recruiting affiliates through either their own affiliate platforms or networks and shelling out huge commissions every month to the affiliates. And it’s pretty easy to become an affiliate and start promoting the products. When something is bought through your affiliate links you get commissions. Getting approved with Indian affiliate networks is easy but you have to study on effective promotional methods especially using social media.

C. Publishing Pay Per Click Advertising:

Loads of pay per click (PPC) advertising networks are there. The basic concept is advertisers give ads to these networks and these networks publish ads mainly through the publishers website. Whenever there is a click on the ads by the website visitors, advertisers get charged by the advertising networks and pay publishers a percentage of the charged money. To publish ads from these networks you need to sign up with them and get accepted by them. And you need to have your own website or blog or revenue sharing website to publish those ads. AdSense is a famous network for publishers. Adbrite, Chitika,Kontera and so many are there.We recommend you to use Google AdSense and Chitika.

D. Online Freelancing :

To carry out online freelancing you need to be an expert in a particular field where employers want their job done by freelancers. This is a very legitimate way of earning money online. You need to register with some freelance networks and get the job, execute the job and get the money. You can promote yourself as a freelancer through your own website or blog also. Taking the due advantage of social media like Google Plus, Facebook and micro-blogging platform like Twitter should be integral part of promoting yourself as a freelancer. If you want to freelance but do not know upon which field you should freelance then go to any freelance network like Odesk.Com , check the category and get the idea.

And you can definitely join micro job sites like, and start freelancing over there. Absolutely no investment needed.

Tip: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a growing field in internet marketing. And the beauty is you can learn SEO for free from the online resources itself. We recommend you try to become an SEO freelancer to get started.

E. Paid Reviews:

If you are having a popular blog with a good number of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) subscribers and a high page rank (PR) then you can start writing reviews for different websites or products related to your niche/topic and get paid for the same. Pay Per Post , Review Me are the reliable networks for this. Lot of blogger make good money by writing paid reviews. You must educate yourself about how to write reviews.Otherwise chances of success are less.

These days search Engines ( Google) consider paid reviews to be link selling and penalizes paid review sites by reducing it’s Google PR and not showing in the search engine result pages.

F. Paid Surveys :

Companies outsource some part of their market research jobs to some paid review companies. Paid review companies pay people for taking part in the concerned market research program just by giving opinions and filling up forms. Though most of the paid survey companies have expertise in cheating people, there are some paid survey companies who really pays.

G. Multi Level Marketing :

We generally do not recommend people to get involved with MLM or Multi Level Marketing. Because it seems full on unethical to us as this is based on the geometric progression concept and very few people (Who are at the top of the system/pyramid) make big times and maximum number of people get deceived. That’s not fair any way. But still this is a potential source to make money online if you are ready to compromise with your marketing ethics and integrity.

H. Domain Flipping :

Domain flipping is registering good domain names at low cost and selling them with a huge cost to the buyers. You can make a good amount of money online by buying domain names ahead of time and sell them to the customers with a large amount of profit. Education is a must to conduct this.
Update: These days domain flipping has become very tougher because of the availability of different brand-able country level domain extensions and most of the good names are taken and traded. But there is huge opportunity if somebody can develop the domain properly and decides top sell it later which is called Site Flipping or website flipping.

I. Online Trading :

If you have knowledge of share market or have the learning curve to learn it all and some money to play with, you can get started with intraday trading and Forex trading as well. If it works for you, nothing can be as profitable as this.

J. Paid to click (PTC):

Networks like, allow people to earn just for clicking Ads. But it is hundred percent legitimate. Only clicking Ads will not make you any significant money but if you could make use of the referral program from your blog or by PPC campaigns then there are chances of making good money. Otherwise you can not even manage the cost of your internet connection just by clicking on ads.


Needless to say that strategies and tools needed to succeed are dependent on the money making model you choose. But having a computer connected to internet is a prerequisite. So your first job should be to decide the way you want to go and gain your knowledge about any particular online money making opportunity. Do whatever it takes to succeed with that. We are your helping hands all the time. It helps to have interest in something you are likely to do because without any interest you can not stick to a job longer.

Now let us confess that the above information is no way enough to make you any money or build your online business. We will cover them gradually. One thing that you probably have understood that making a website or a blog is almost a must to build your online empire. we will cover them with utmost care and step by step guide. Just subscribe to our website now and keep educating yourself. If you need a bit of hand holding to help you go up the spiral, contact us without hesitation. Success ahead.

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  1. I am a beginner and i am confused how to earn money online, did it require money to obtain membership, please send a video.

    Thanking you,
    Marching Sangma

    1. Hi Samrak,
      You are a beginner. Great. But you don’t have to be confused anyway. You can start working for free but investing a little amount helps you get started professionally. Contact me through the contact form pls.

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